About Us

What We Do

Quoia Leadership helps leaders of organizations successfully navigate change, rejuvenate their culture, achieve team and leadership potential, and make their companies economically stronger and more vibrant places to work. Our consultants are known for their passion, organizational savvy, and expertise in developing leaders who can elevate the economic and societal impact of their organizations.

We guide CEOs, heads of business units, and chief human resource officers through often-disruptive organizational change – times that test their company’s values and competitive standing. We diagnose the often-unarticulated beliefs about how their organizations really work – unexamined assumptions that can erode individual and team behavior, and ultimately worsen organizational performance. We orchestrate in-depth interviews and assessments that reveal hidden barriers to breakthrough performance. We then help clients map out changes that will markedly and rapidly improve their organizations. Through workshops, team meetings, coaching sessions, and other interactions, we help the executive team and other managers become more effective leaders.

Our Values

The Quoia Leadership values are our moral compass. They guide our commitments to clients. They also guide us in identifying and retaining the people who work for us -- the most committed and talented team of leadership and organizational development professionals in the world.

It is easy to live the values when times are good; the true test is whether an organization is willing to make sacrifices in order to live its values when times are tough. In addition to the traditional values that should guide all professional services firms (integrity, dedication to clients, accountability, collaboration, diversity, respect, and professionalism), we are equally committed to another set of values. Read them here.

Why "Quoia"?

"Quoia" (pronounced COY-yah) is derived from the word sequoia, a species of trees that are among the oldest and largest on earth. In fact, some giant sequoias endure for more than 2,000 years. Based in Mill Valley, California, with the redwoods just a short walk away, we named ourselves Quoia to signify our devotion to helping leaders make their organizations enduring enterprises that thrive and help society to prosper.